Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Two Letters Oct. 4 and 6 and pictures!

Elder Davis and Elder Wood, CompanionsMTC District

Hola mis Padres!!!        October 6, 2010
Yes, conference was absolutely amazing!!!! I don’t think I have ever gotten so much out of conference before. The talks were so amazing. I took like 20 pages of notes; I don’t even think I have taken that many notes in school before! My favorite talk was probably Elder Packer’s or Nelson’s I think, both on agency.
I did see the Scrimsher’s, it was pretty awesome. I was walking back from the Provo Temple and something said to look out for a big red suburban.  And sure enough, it was pulling into the MTC parking lot.  It was cool to see Jett.  I took a few pictures with them. Elder Scrimsher didn’t end up in my zone but I think it might be better that way. I have seen him around a few times since and have talked a little here and there. Honestly, I am learning a lot of Spanish and a lot of Gospel Doctrine, pero I am really anxious to get out of here and be out helping real people. This place kind of takes a toll on you when you are here for a month!
I was planning on starting the email talking about the weather, but I’m not Grandpa Swoboda. J But the weather here is pretty nice it is only around in the 70s and 60s, it has been overcast and raining basically the whole week and is a nice change.
        But like you said, I am getting some crazy new Spiritual insights here. I think this is the only place that we can receive some of these insights. I look forward to the time each day that I have to read the BOM or LDM in Spanish and PMG. It is truly changing my life! The other day Elder Gunter and I had to teach the Plan of Salvation to some other guys from our district and I am truly learning how to become a good teacher and feel what the Spirit is telling me to say. It was one of the most Spiritual experiences I have had since I was here! It was so awesome! I also learned that even if we think that we aren’t teaching well that the Spirit does most of the teaching through us anyways, so it is the Spirit that takes our message into the investigator’s hearts and testifies of the truthfulness of our message.
Can you believe that your little boy has been here at the MTC for a whole month!!!!  The time is just cruising by and I am loving the time I have here. One spiritual thing I would like to share is from the last chapter of Luke. In this chapter Simon Peter and some other apostles are fishing again after the death of Christ. They weren’t having any success and Christ says cast the net on the other side and they do and they catch a TON of fish!!!! Then Christ asks, "lovest thou me more than these?" Peter answers and says " thou knowest I love thee Lord." Christ then says "Feed my sheep". To me this just meant that by giving up my two years I am showing my love for the Savior and that I need to forget about "fishing" or the things of home and that they will be there after I am done "feeding his sheep".
We had an awesome devotional last night by Elder Neuenschwander. Everyone was amazed that I knew how to pronounce and spell the name but I had to confess I was familiar with it before I was here. (Thanks Brother Neuenschwander, from Burbank Ward!!) He gave an awesome talk on how to improve our mission, he talked about how we make our missions what they are, and that it truly depends on us. Another topic was honor the title we hold, not too many people in the church have the chance to be called Elder and people notice us wherever we go and are and we should be representing Christ wherever we go.
        Well I love you both so much! Everyone else who reads this as well!  I have sent home some pictures.  Enjoy! 
Live it, Love it, Preach it!
Love,           Elder D!!!

Como le va?  How is it going?  I got your package today – technically I got it on Saturday but couldn’t pick it up until Monday - the place was closed because of conference.  I am extremely grateful for the package.  I was not happy for all the dots though!  They were all over my desk and floor!  The candy bars were awesome!  Thank you for the book.  I am sure I will use it on my mission.  Thanks for the stamps!  I did need them!  I enjoy writing people back, it shows that I really do care for them.  I know I don’t have to write back all the time but I want to!  (As a Mom, I mentioned to Chad that it is nice to write back but sometimes he may simply not have the time and those who write him will understand if they don’t get a letter back for a while.)
The pictures you sent were awesome!  I have them posted  up so I can see them a bunch and show them off – my dog, my niece and nephew, my parents.  It is so crazy that Chay Chay will be 2 next week!  Make sure to give her a hug and kiss for me.  Keep sending pictures, I love seeing everything back home.  I don’t miss it, I just like seeing things back home! 
I haven’t lost any weight.  I am starting to eat better.  I highly think black beans and rice will ever by my favorite!  I really want some soyu Chicken and rice!  I think I have gained only about 4-5 pounds.  The mail is great!  (I asked if he was receiving enough mail or too much?) It would be nice to know some of the local high school football scores if you can send me some.  Maybe even newspaper cutouts? 

I LOVE YOU BOTH SO SO SO MUCH!  Tell Dad his baby will be home before he knows it.         Love,        Elder Davis

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