Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A New Week - Learning NEW THINGS - Hola a todos!    May 29, 2012
        Well it is seems to have been a crazy week here in the mission field. But is good to hear that everything went well with your cruise. It sounds like it was very enjoyable! (We went on a short trip to Alaska on a cruise ship.)
        This week has had a little bit of everything in it. We have had good moments, bad moments, funny moments, stressful moments, but they have all been worth it. This week provided for some good opportunities to find new people to teach and to learn quite a bit about myself.
       We found a new guy to teach named Rodolfo. He is from Mexico, but has been living in Salt Lake for a little while. He has really never met with the missionaries before, but he was very interested in learning more. He had some very good questions about God and religions and things of that matter. Well as we taught him, we started talking about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. He then saw that I had a copy of the Book of Mormon in my hand and asked, "Where can I buy a book like that one?" I then just said," Here, this one is yours!" He was so surprised, but was super excited. He said that he really had a great desire to read it and to find out if it is true or not.
        This week has been a really big learning experience for my companion and I. (Chad is "training" a brand new missionary to the mission.)  He has had a pretty humbling week. He thought that missionary work was just a breeze and he could learn how to do it in just a few weeks, but he came to find out that wasn't a true statement. We had to do a lot of talking and trying to help him see that learning is a process, it doesn't just happen over night. I likened it to someone doing just one "crunch" and expecting to have a "six-pack". That is physically impossible and it is the same with missionary work. There is no way that someone can just be on a mission for 2 weeks and automatically know and understand the ins and outs of it all.
        We did have a really good lesson with the 15 year old girl that we found last week, Hailey. She is so solid and really wants to learn and grow. She likened her question on wanting to know about the true church on the earth, to the same question that Joseph Smith had. She really thought about that and came to her own conclusion that she needs to ask God what church really is the true one. So we will be waiting to see how that progresses for us this week.
        I was also able to go on exchanges with Elder Ayala. He is one of the Spanish missionaries from up in Price. It was a really good day that I had with him. I was so happy that I actually had someone to speak Spanish with for longer then a few minutes. It was surprising on how fast my mind can change back into pure Spanish and then change back and go and teach a lesson in English.
What's Up?  Just Being Elder D!!
        This week we were also able to do a bunch of service. We helped a guy from one of the wards here put in a sprinkler system for an investigator's family. I was able to teach Elder Linville how to dig his first hole.  J It was a pretty funny thing to watch. He actually went to jump on the shovel a few times and slipped. He was a good sport about it though. We also helped a family paint some of the rooms in their house. I did end up with a little blue paint on me, but it was a good opportunity to serve in different way.
Touring a Mine two weeks ago.  (Chad on the Right)
        Well like I said before, the week was a big learning opportunity for me. I was able to see the blessings of how I have served my mission, and the necessity to serve with all my heart, might, mind, and strength for the rest of the time that I have here in Utah. I have recommitted myself to being the best missionary that I can be, for myself, for my companion, for my area, but most of all for the Lord and His children. This week I also learned the importance of the Sacrament. It is such a great thing to have every week. I really studied out what the Sacrament meant to me and to others. And the cleansing power that comes from it, is something that is singular to that special ordinance. It is likened unto being baptized every week and that is something that I am extremely grateful for, because I am not perfect and definitely need that each week.
NEWS FROM HOME: Once again, I am glad that the cruise went well and that you both had good time. It is good to know that you still have a little fun, even if I am not there to brighten up your life. (ha ha ha Chadboy!)  Again, I thank you for your support and love!

Live it, Love it, Preach it!   del misionero en Emery County, Utah!   ELDER D

Friday, May 18, 2012

The REAL and BEST Work Begins Again, TRAINING!

Hola! Como estan?                            14 May 2012

Well this week was a little bit different, and quite long. It was long because of all the transfers and the traveling and what not. I guess I didn't travel as for as Elder Lott, but still the traveling down to St. George and back in two days is quite long for me.
I went down to St. George on Tuesday, and got there around 5ish. I then stayed the night with Elder Chidester in St. George Spanish (my old area). It was pretty fun to be able to see some people that I knew from a year ago and to people that I taught before. I was able to see President Wilson, the Branch President there, for a little while. We visited a less active lady and gave her a blessing, so President Wilson came with us to visit her. It was quite a neat experience to see him again and to be able to talk about all the stuff that has been going on in my mission. I really hope that I will be able to go back down there to end my mission. It may not be possible, but I can always hope, right?  It was also pretty crazy, because a missionary that was going home the next morning stayed the night with us as well. I knew him pretty well and have known him for most of my mission, and it is weird to think that he is done and went home already. I guess I am not the youngest person in the mission anymore either, but I still don’t think I am getting ready to go home soon.
On Wednesday, I had the "Trainer's Meeting" with the Assistants. It was pretty fun, because of some of the other missionaries I was there with, but it was very long. Eventually I got my new "son" around 2ish. His name is Elder Linville. He is from San Marcos, California. It isn't too far from San Diego. He says it is in between LA and San Diego. He is a good kid and wants to do his best. He is very diligent. I really did forget how difficult it was to train though, just because most of my time lately has been spent with missionaries who have been out for quite a while and know how missionary work goes. It has been a little bit of a struggle to continually explain things that seem so simple for me, but for him he has no idea of what is going on. Well our personalities are a little different, but I seem to be able to get along with him. But I can get along with pretty much anyone, the true test will to see how I view things at the end of my 3 months with him. I feel like President Leonard may have told him to follow everything I do, (kind of like in the movie "The Best Two Years"; "should I write that down?") because he seems to follow my mannerisms, my accents, the way I teach principles, etc. It just seems to be kind of different to have a "mini-me", but I guess I should take it as a compliment that he wants to follow what I am doing to become a better missionary.
We finally got back to Castle Dale around 8:15ish. We spent most of the day traveling back up here. It has been quite a battle to try and make up for the two days that were lost because of the trip to St. George. There wasn't too many crazy things or crazy lessons to talk about. The work is still true and continues to move forward. I did meet a tourist from McCall, Idaho. I talked to him for a little bit about up there, and why he was here in Castle Dale, but he wasn't too interested in hearing our message. He said he respected it and loves the LDS people, but believes a little differently. At least, I can say that I tried with him, right?
NEWS FROM HOME: Because of Mother’s Day, it is one of the two times a year missionaries get to phone home.  We enjoyed talking with our son and look forward to his return in 4 short months!)  Well I didn't officially say it last week, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRYSON! I still can't believe that he is 5!  I still remember when that little Goober was born! I am pretty excited to see him and Chay Chay now, after they have grown and are talking. I still couldn't believe how much they could talk and say. I think they do speak better English then me! Their little "I wuv you" still melts my heart. The phone call was really good yesterday as well. It was a little more positive because of the circumstances this time. Afterwards, I had trouble getting my head wrapped around the fact that it was my last one of my mission. That is so crazy to me. It was good to talk to all of you, and it was quite a surprise to talk to Bethany as well (adopted daughter No. 2). Well I forgot to say this yesterday as well, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY MOM!!!!! But I did say it in the card that I sent, so that counts right? (Absolutely!!!!) 
Well I will fill out the travel papers to fly home, (September) and then we can make a trip back down here to show you the sights and the people. It will be easier for me to do it afterwards since I will be released and not be watched over like a hawk since I would still have my nametag. But we can work that all out with time. But thank you so much for the support and for everything that you do for me! I love you so much! Have a great week!

Live it, Love it, Preach it!

de la viña del Señor!     ELDER D

P.S. I will send pictures of my new companion and I next week. I am on a computer that won’t allow me to access my camera. So enjoy and have a good week! I love you!

Monday, May 7, 2012


Buenos días a todos!                          7 May 12
          Another week, another letter. This week has been a pretty interesting, but solid week. There weren't too man crazy or outrageous moments, but just some good solid missionary work.
          Last P-Day we took another trip out to the desert. We went to a place called the "Rochester Art Panel". It is a bunch of old Native drawings on a rock wall. It is said that it was a very sacred place to the Native people. It was a pretty cool little hike. The rocks are covered with drawings and there are even some dinosaur fossils around. This place is home to the world's longest hieroglyphic snake. (See pictures.)
          We have had quite a bit of new experiences. We started teaching this kid named Kemmer. He is about 10 and he has trouble hearing. When we teach him, we have a signer. We teach and Bro. Stephenson signs what we say to him. He can hear us, but it helps his understanding of what we say. It has pretty cool to learn some signs and now I can do a few basic signs. I think I am learning just as much as Kemmer is. We also started teaching Priscilla's daughter, Andrea, this week. (Priscilla was baptised two weeks ago.) We have had some struggles with her just because she is so rowdy during our lessons. She has also been attending Primary. We should have a baptism with her in a week or two.  
          We are able to do a little Spanish work here and there. We have a Spanish investigator whose name is America. She has a bunch of family that are members. This week we went over for a lesson, and we were just following up with her prayers and her reading in the Book of Mormon. She said that she felt good when she was praying. So I asked her if she thought she had received an answer. She then just said, "Yes, I have." I was pretty startled because I was prepared to hear, "no, not yet", so it caught me off guard to hear that she got her answer. She said that she just felt so much peace and happiness when she prayed that she knew these things were true. So she accepted the invitation to be baptized, but we just have to work on her getting married to her "husband". She has lived with him for like 9 years and they have 3 kids together, but she doesn't know if he wants to marry her. So that is a struggle right now, so we will continue to try and work that situation. We can definitely use your help with some prayers there.
News from around Emery County: The high school baseball team has been doing really well. I know some kids on the team and we have talked about how I used to play. They have only lost two games all year and were regional champions. They had a State Playoff game here on Saturday, and since most of the town was there; we went there to be where the people were. It was pretty cool to be able to see the game, and to talk to all the people there.
          TRANSFERS: This week was transfer week. The suspense is over, I am going to be staying here in Castledale Bilingual. But I will be a father once again. Yes, I will be training a new missionary. It was quite a surprise because the Zone Leaders said that I should just get another companion and move after next transfer, but I guess the Lord needed me to train a new missionary. I am pretty nervous, just because Elder Weyant has been my youngest companion(least amount of time in the mission) since I trained Elder Leguizamón. I will also be here for at least two more transfers, because when you train, you are involved in a 12 week program (2 transfers). That means I will be here until my birthday (JULY 30, for anyone who wants to know!) at least, and I could die here. (In missionary terms that means end your mission.)  But who knows, that is a long time in the future and for now I am focused on training a new missionary. That means this week I have to take a trip down to St. George on Tuesday, stay the night, go to a meeting on Wednesday, get my new "son", and then drive the 5 - 6 hour drive back to Castledale. So it will be a long two day journey. It will also be hard, because we lose two days of working in our area. So hopefully we will be able to make up all that time.
          NEWS FROM HOME:  Well I that is cool that Matthew Rickords got his call  The Denver mission is lucky to have him. I know that Beaugh Meyer (old friend from Boise) is serving there right now and he loves it. I am glad that he is excited about it too, because that is exactly where the Lord needs him to serve and the Lord has people there prepared for him to find, teach, and baptize.
          I am glad that Pops was able to bear testimony with minimal tears. I am also glad to know that the missionaries are still being very helpful to both of you. Also, that they were able to give Mom a blessing. Mom, I also want to say thank you for your paragraph in regards to my Mother's Day card that I sent you. I knew it would be unexpected, but I knew I needed to do something for you. I am grateful for the time that you gave up to dedicate to all my activities and to helping me grow from a boy into a man. I really appreciate all of that time. I wouldn't have traded any of the times that I spent with you or comforting you when you needed it. It was my duty as a son to comfort you when you needed it, but to give you a few grey hairs as well. Too bad you dye them all now! (Kleenex moment from a thankful mother for her son!)  Well I am glad that Sister Huntsman's letter was all good things. She is a very nice older lady that is serving as a Stake missionary in Castledale. She actually cut my hair last week. (We received a letter from her telling us that our son was a good missionary and setting the right example and always smiling and happy.)  
           I hope all is well on your end of things, and I am really glad to get the news about Pops and what the specialist believes will happen for dads care.  Good things are going to come! I love you all! Talk to you on Sunday!  (One of the two phone calls allowed each year -- Christmas and Mother's Day -- he gets to talk to the entire family -- not just the mom!!)

Live it, Love it, Preach it!   del campo misional en Emery County, Utah!


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Parent Note:  We traveled to Seattle to meet with specialists to decide on best treatment for Elder Davis's father's cancer.  We were able to send information via the Snow family in Castledale to let Chad know the results.  Thank you SNOW FAMILY!

Saludos a todos de Emery County!                 April 30, 2012
        Well it is interesting to get an email from you while you are in Seattle, but it is comforting to know that all is going well and that things are getting checked out for dad's condition and you will be able to see what route is best to take. Thank you for updating me and keeping me in the loop.
        Our week here in Emery County was pretty good. We had our share of ups and downs, but we move forward and help out where we can. The bright side has been the weather!  A lot of times the weather is so bi-polar and changes everyday, but it has been about mid 70s for all week. We did have one cold day when it went from low 80s to high 40s overnight, but that is part of life in Utah. 
        We met some pretty crazy people this week. We talked to this crazy hippie guy. It was pretty funny. He was actually a member of the church at one time, but asked that his name to be taken off the records.  He was banged up from years of craziness. He had his left leg amputated right above the knee, he was missing half of his right foot, and he had a broken wrist in a pink cast. It was quite a conversation we had, but it was amusing for us. I actually think that when he answered the door, that he just wanted to give us a good laugh. Well if that was his goal, he succeeded.
      We also met a Jewish guy from Seattle. I just saw "Washington plates" so I walked up and asked him where he was from.  We struck up a conversation, like why he was in the middle of no where in Utah, and it eventually led to what I was doing there if I was from Washington. We talked about our beliefs and I asked him about the Jewish religion. It was pretty cool. I learned quite a bit of stuff from him. It is just funny that we both ended up in Castledale, Utah to talk about the gospel. We also had to run around doing a bunch of baptismal interviews for the other companionships in the district. It took some time out of the time we had to proselyte, but it is a good thing because that means others are having success.
Elder Davis, Lori, Member, Elder
       The highlight of the week was the BAPTISM of Lori. We have been really blessed these last few weeks with success. We had another baptism, so that makes three in the last two weeks. It is such an amazing feeling to know that because of my efforts and labors as a missionary, I have been able to help God's children enter into the waters of baptism and be spiritually reborn. I was thinking about the people that I have taught and baptized on my mission, and how much different things would have been if I never would have came out here. It really brought me a lot of pain to think that these people might never have found Christ's true church here upon the earth if I wouldn't have been here to teach them. I truly am grateful that I came here to find the people that have been searching for this, and that I won't be held accountable on the other side for not coming and teaching these people.
     We also went to a fireside for the juniors and seniors at the high school here. It was all about missions and how to prepare for them. It was a very powerful fireside and you could feel the Spirit there throughout the whole meeting. It was kind of weird because we were asked to go, but we thought it was just to be there to support them. Well that wasn't exactly the plan that everyone else had for us. They actually made it like a question and answer session and we were up in front and answering questions about missions and missionary work and the process to get there. It was really good and I wish they would have had something like that before my mission. Just a thought.
     NEWS FROM HOME: Mom, I did get your letter this week with the thing your wrote for the missionary blog, and with all the quotes. I did really enjoy a lot of those quotes - I appreciate it. I did also get a package from Uncle Howard and Aunt Robin. So if you want to say thank you to them for me, I would really appreciate that.
        Well my time is about up.  We are actually going back out into the desert today, but not to the same place. So I will have more pictures for you next week! I love you all so much! Thank you for your support!

Vivalo, Amalo, Predicalo!   de tu hijo amado!    ELDER D