Saturday, October 2, 2010

Letter #4 - 9-29-2010

Letter Number 4!  September 29, 2010

Hello Family and Everyone else!

My cold has gone down a little bit, I am still congested a little and have a cough every now and then but I can go to sleep most nights. I did get your letter or puzzle, I should say. Jett, or Elder Scrimsher should be here today and I’m pretty sure I will be able to find him; he will be the only kid with the last name Scrimsher! Well that’s cool you got to see Shelby. I wish I would have got to see her before I left but it is what it is.
I am glad that you are staying busy, I wouldn’t want you both to moping around the house all day just crying your eyes out. J  I am supposed to be here and I will be back soon enough. That is crazy that Elder Gibson is going home. I heard from (Elder) Lunceford a few times and it’s weird to think he is coming back to Utah the same time Gibson is.
What BYU class did you take? (I told Chad I have started my first on-line BYU class in an attempt to “finish what I started at BYU”.) I can see the Y from my room window. It’s pretty crazy to be so close to so many people I know but yet be so far away.
Things happening here.... well we had two elders from our district leave. But before you jump to conclusions, they went to a different MTC in Guatemala. It’s weird how you grow so close to people in just 3 short weeks. its nuts to think I have been here for 3 weeks already, but I still have six weeks left! I am ready to just leave and head out with the little Spanish knowledge I know. The days are blending together and it’s hard to pick out the certain things that have happened. We have a new teacher now, his name is Hermano Synder. He is from Utah, but served in Mexico. He is pretty cool. My Spanish is expanding incredibly. I love how you learn so fast here. It is kind of mandatory.
My companions and me are becoming really close. They are the kind of kids I would usually choose to hang out with but they are becoming so really good friends. Elder Wood may even end up becoming a roommate at BYU-I after the mish.
I am sorry if these letters are short it’s just hard to remember all the events to enlighten you. We had an incredible fireside on domingo. aka Sunday. The speaker kept me awake and was super entertaining. He had some awesome insights and gave us a ton of advice to be better missionaries. Every speaker throws out a few comments about obedience and being worthy to have the Spirit. I think the Lord wants to stress the points a little bit.
I do love you and miss you pero my place is here and soon will be in St. George. I want you to know that I love you guys so much and know that these two years will go by fast! I will be home before you know it and then you will have to get used to living with me all over again. Thank you for being there!

Live it, Love it, Preach it!
Elder Davis

p.s. Oh and if you want, you can send me a package with some caffeine! Its like alcohol here. lol Everyone yearns for it. So any goodies from home, homemade cookies? I love you!
Elder Davis
(We were able to send one package that included COLD REMEDIES and some basic supplies. A second package was sent this week with candy bars, excedrin, pez dispensers, missionary stories, etc.)  -- the mom :)

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