Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Letter Number Tres (3)

Hola Pardres!                        September 22, 2010 

Well I will get every email on Wednesday mother.  I only have 30 minutes total on the computer. So I will just flow out my words and you can fix it for the blog!

The MTC is pretty cool. The food still kind of sucks, it is basically the same thing every day. Milk and donuts/cereal for desayuno, some form of hamburger and fries for almuerzo, and the dinners are extremely random every day. The coolest part about the being here is the time we have to study. It’s cool to have 3 hours set out just for studying the gospel. We go play soccer basically everyday. It feels nice to get outside and run around! 

I loved the letter from Elder Scrimsher.  I did find Jared's advice very useful and am sending him a letter back.  We actually saw clips of Elder Holland's talk about missionary work, which Jared referred to. Elder Holland is an amazing speaker.  This is my purpose for being here, and that started when I put on that tag that said, "Elder Davis." I now represent him for two years.    Mom, I know you are probably crying by now and saying, "Where did my little Chadboy go?"  But I am still here, just have a new purpose and meaning to life!

The Provo Temple is awesome. It looks super tiny from the outside but the inside is huge! Then when you come out the front doors you have the awesome view of Utah Lake and Orem and Provo

I am sorry if I keep mixing in Spanish. They told us to use it as much as possible even if it is spanglish. So it just comes out like that throughout the day. I really wish I could just be fluent already and be out teaching real people instead of these volunteers that come in for us. Teaching is probably the coolest part but I just want to teach real people and have them feel of the joy this gospel brings.

Well it seems like things at home are still the exact same. Bry is still getting into trouble and getting into things he shouldn’t be. But I can just hear the screams thinking about it. (Bryson got into an abandoned lawn mower and was stung by several wasps.) I am definitely going to miss that kid, and Chay Chay too. (Bryson is 3 1/2 and Chaylyn is 2.) It’s weird to think about home sometimes and all the stuff that is going on up there. But I chose to come out here and I know that I will begin to love it more and more and more each day. There are a few things I do miss from home like family. Lets not get this mistaken for being homesick because I am not. It’s just weird to think that it won’t be another 23 months before we see each other. But I know that we all will be blessed for this sacrifice.

My companionship is getting better. I have TWO companions, Elder Wood and Elder Gunter. It’s still hard being in a trio, but we are learning more about each other everyday and understanding each others personalities. Its tough but we are pushing through it. We have the first lesson down. It’s just hard to fit it to the needs of the person we are teaching, so we are striving to teach by the Spirit to meet the needs of the people that hear the message.

On the down side--I am getting kind of sick. I have a sore throat, runny nose, and a cough. I guess that’s what happens when you are in such close proximity to 2700 other missionaries. I have been taking medicine and airborne trying to boost my immune system. Don’t worry dad, I can still hear your voice saying drink lots of fluids, take some Nyquil and all that stuff you would say if I was home.

The Spanish is coming a long pretty good. I can introduce myself as a missionary for the church and have a brief conversation and find out what their interests are and how their family is and that’s about it. Oh and I can give a brief testimony. I am sure that it will come eventually. I actually memorized the first vision in Spanish too! But before you think that it is a huge accomplishment and say “wow that’s a lot, how did he do that when he didn’t even memorize it in English?” It was just from the part that says “I saw a pillar of light”, or vi una comlumna de luz en espanol.

Well I love you guys and love the work! My worries and nervousness is going away. I am glad to be here and one last experience before I have to go. We had a district leave this week. We had the cool opportunity to sing “God Be With You Til We Meet Again” in Spanish. We sang it in the hallway at the top of our lungs with the whole zone. It was pretty cool, and we get to do it again on Sunday because there is another district leaving. So potentially Jett may be in my zone! That would be pretty tight. I know that this place is where I am supposed to be. I love it here and love this gospel.

I love you so so so so much! Give Bry and Chay a hug and kiss for me! 

With love,
Elder Davis

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