Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Dear Mis Padres!           September 9, 2010
All is well here in the MTC.  It is pretty crazy though!  I am basically on a spiritual overload!  It was a pretty long first day, but I pushed through it and my thoughts are of you two and being at home.  It is a weird feeling to know the two biggest parts of my life will be away from me for two years.  I do know that this is where I am supposed to be, I have felt this so many times the last two days.
My companion’s name oddly enough is Elder David Wood. (Chad’s best friend in Boise was our next door neighbor, David Wood, not a member of the church.)  He is from Sacramento, but you guys were wrong, he is going to Tallahassee, FL.  (We told him the elders in his district would all be going to the same place, as our districts did in the MTC.)  There are 4 of us staying in the states in our district.  There are 12 total in my district.  Six are going to Chile Santiago North, 2 are going to Guatemala and they leave in three weeks.  It’s weird that 4 of us are staying stateside but going to different missions.  Elder Gunter is going to Philly. Oh, and Elder Clark is from Boise and is going to Fort Worth, TX.  What makes Elder Clark even better is it is Corbin Clark, the same one that lived right around the corner and played Optimus Football with me.  It is pretty weird that we ended up in the same room at the MTC.
Well, we are feeling the spirit super strong.  I am growing with a love for this work and this language!  I LOVE YOU BOTH!
Forever and Always!
Elder Davis!

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