Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Parent Note:  We traveled to Seattle to meet with specialists to decide on best treatment for Elder Davis's father's cancer.  We were able to send information via the Snow family in Castledale to let Chad know the results.  Thank you SNOW FAMILY!

Saludos a todos de Emery County!                 April 30, 2012
        Well it is interesting to get an email from you while you are in Seattle, but it is comforting to know that all is going well and that things are getting checked out for dad's condition and you will be able to see what route is best to take. Thank you for updating me and keeping me in the loop.
        Our week here in Emery County was pretty good. We had our share of ups and downs, but we move forward and help out where we can. The bright side has been the weather!  A lot of times the weather is so bi-polar and changes everyday, but it has been about mid 70s for all week. We did have one cold day when it went from low 80s to high 40s overnight, but that is part of life in Utah. 
        We met some pretty crazy people this week. We talked to this crazy hippie guy. It was pretty funny. He was actually a member of the church at one time, but asked that his name to be taken off the records.  He was banged up from years of craziness. He had his left leg amputated right above the knee, he was missing half of his right foot, and he had a broken wrist in a pink cast. It was quite a conversation we had, but it was amusing for us. I actually think that when he answered the door, that he just wanted to give us a good laugh. Well if that was his goal, he succeeded.
      We also met a Jewish guy from Seattle. I just saw "Washington plates" so I walked up and asked him where he was from.  We struck up a conversation, like why he was in the middle of no where in Utah, and it eventually led to what I was doing there if I was from Washington. We talked about our beliefs and I asked him about the Jewish religion. It was pretty cool. I learned quite a bit of stuff from him. It is just funny that we both ended up in Castledale, Utah to talk about the gospel. We also had to run around doing a bunch of baptismal interviews for the other companionships in the district. It took some time out of the time we had to proselyte, but it is a good thing because that means others are having success.
Elder Davis, Lori, Member, Elder
       The highlight of the week was the BAPTISM of Lori. We have been really blessed these last few weeks with success. We had another baptism, so that makes three in the last two weeks. It is such an amazing feeling to know that because of my efforts and labors as a missionary, I have been able to help God's children enter into the waters of baptism and be spiritually reborn. I was thinking about the people that I have taught and baptized on my mission, and how much different things would have been if I never would have came out here. It really brought me a lot of pain to think that these people might never have found Christ's true church here upon the earth if I wouldn't have been here to teach them. I truly am grateful that I came here to find the people that have been searching for this, and that I won't be held accountable on the other side for not coming and teaching these people.
     We also went to a fireside for the juniors and seniors at the high school here. It was all about missions and how to prepare for them. It was a very powerful fireside and you could feel the Spirit there throughout the whole meeting. It was kind of weird because we were asked to go, but we thought it was just to be there to support them. Well that wasn't exactly the plan that everyone else had for us. They actually made it like a question and answer session and we were up in front and answering questions about missions and missionary work and the process to get there. It was really good and I wish they would have had something like that before my mission. Just a thought.
     NEWS FROM HOME: Mom, I did get your letter this week with the thing your wrote for the missionary blog, and with all the quotes. I did really enjoy a lot of those quotes - I appreciate it. I did also get a package from Uncle Howard and Aunt Robin. So if you want to say thank you to them for me, I would really appreciate that.
        Well my time is about up.  We are actually going back out into the desert today, but not to the same place. So I will have more pictures for you next week! I love you all so much! Thank you for your support!

Vivalo, Amalo, Predicalo!   de tu hijo amado!    ELDER D

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