Friday, May 18, 2012

The REAL and BEST Work Begins Again, TRAINING!

Hola! Como estan?                            14 May 2012

Well this week was a little bit different, and quite long. It was long because of all the transfers and the traveling and what not. I guess I didn't travel as for as Elder Lott, but still the traveling down to St. George and back in two days is quite long for me.
I went down to St. George on Tuesday, and got there around 5ish. I then stayed the night with Elder Chidester in St. George Spanish (my old area). It was pretty fun to be able to see some people that I knew from a year ago and to people that I taught before. I was able to see President Wilson, the Branch President there, for a little while. We visited a less active lady and gave her a blessing, so President Wilson came with us to visit her. It was quite a neat experience to see him again and to be able to talk about all the stuff that has been going on in my mission. I really hope that I will be able to go back down there to end my mission. It may not be possible, but I can always hope, right?  It was also pretty crazy, because a missionary that was going home the next morning stayed the night with us as well. I knew him pretty well and have known him for most of my mission, and it is weird to think that he is done and went home already. I guess I am not the youngest person in the mission anymore either, but I still don’t think I am getting ready to go home soon.
On Wednesday, I had the "Trainer's Meeting" with the Assistants. It was pretty fun, because of some of the other missionaries I was there with, but it was very long. Eventually I got my new "son" around 2ish. His name is Elder Linville. He is from San Marcos, California. It isn't too far from San Diego. He says it is in between LA and San Diego. He is a good kid and wants to do his best. He is very diligent. I really did forget how difficult it was to train though, just because most of my time lately has been spent with missionaries who have been out for quite a while and know how missionary work goes. It has been a little bit of a struggle to continually explain things that seem so simple for me, but for him he has no idea of what is going on. Well our personalities are a little different, but I seem to be able to get along with him. But I can get along with pretty much anyone, the true test will to see how I view things at the end of my 3 months with him. I feel like President Leonard may have told him to follow everything I do, (kind of like in the movie "The Best Two Years"; "should I write that down?") because he seems to follow my mannerisms, my accents, the way I teach principles, etc. It just seems to be kind of different to have a "mini-me", but I guess I should take it as a compliment that he wants to follow what I am doing to become a better missionary.
We finally got back to Castle Dale around 8:15ish. We spent most of the day traveling back up here. It has been quite a battle to try and make up for the two days that were lost because of the trip to St. George. There wasn't too many crazy things or crazy lessons to talk about. The work is still true and continues to move forward. I did meet a tourist from McCall, Idaho. I talked to him for a little bit about up there, and why he was here in Castle Dale, but he wasn't too interested in hearing our message. He said he respected it and loves the LDS people, but believes a little differently. At least, I can say that I tried with him, right?
NEWS FROM HOME: Because of Mother’s Day, it is one of the two times a year missionaries get to phone home.  We enjoyed talking with our son and look forward to his return in 4 short months!)  Well I didn't officially say it last week, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRYSON! I still can't believe that he is 5!  I still remember when that little Goober was born! I am pretty excited to see him and Chay Chay now, after they have grown and are talking. I still couldn't believe how much they could talk and say. I think they do speak better English then me! Their little "I wuv you" still melts my heart. The phone call was really good yesterday as well. It was a little more positive because of the circumstances this time. Afterwards, I had trouble getting my head wrapped around the fact that it was my last one of my mission. That is so crazy to me. It was good to talk to all of you, and it was quite a surprise to talk to Bethany as well (adopted daughter No. 2). Well I forgot to say this yesterday as well, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY MOM!!!!! But I did say it in the card that I sent, so that counts right? (Absolutely!!!!) 
Well I will fill out the travel papers to fly home, (September) and then we can make a trip back down here to show you the sights and the people. It will be easier for me to do it afterwards since I will be released and not be watched over like a hawk since I would still have my nametag. But we can work that all out with time. But thank you so much for the support and for everything that you do for me! I love you so much! Have a great week!

Live it, Love it, Preach it!

de la viña del Señor!     ELDER D

P.S. I will send pictures of my new companion and I next week. I am on a computer that won’t allow me to access my camera. So enjoy and have a good week! I love you!

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