Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Elder D is a "New Father" of a Greenie

Buenas, Beunas Padres!               13 June 2011 
      Here we go to find out another week in the life of me, Elder Davis. Well this week was one of the strangest weeks I have had since I have been on the mission. (Actually, Chad says that A LOT!!)  It was just because so much was going on and so much happened in such a short amount of time. I wasn’t in my official area for two days because Elder Lopez left on Tuesday, but I wasn’t going to get my new companion until Wednesday, so I had to be with different Elders who didn’t have companions either. So I basically ended up with 5 different companions for 2 days. It was a pretty crazy thing.
Well I am officially a father. (Mission Lingo: Training a brand new elder from the Missionary Training Center.)  I am a proud father of an Argentine. Yep, he is from Argentina, but he came to his mission from the huge town of Clearfield, Utah. His name is Elder Federico Leguizamon. I know what you are thinking, it is a really long name and it is hard to pronounce. Almost everyone here has trouble trying to say his name, but with practice I am sure it will come along. He is definitely burning with that "greenie fire". He is a really solid missionary and is ready to work, so that is what we are doing, work, work, and some more work!

Elder D says HOT SAUCE
 is eaten on everything!

The work that is happening in this area is a little different though, now that we are a bilingual area. Now that I have to try and teach people and contact them in English as well as Spanish, I seem to be getting the two more and more confused and have trouble switching back and forth. But I don’t know why we inherited this area or why we were placed here, but there must be a reason or a person that we were sent here to teaching some or meet someone important.
This week I had some pretty strange events go on. I learned just how generous the Latino people are. We learned this when we were tracting in a trailer park. We were just knocking some doors and we smelled someone cooking some carne asada and then we happened to find the house and we just started to talk to them and see how things were going. The first thing that we found out is that there was a guy there that was trying to get to Denver for a job, but he couldn’t pay for a bus yet and needed some help, so this family picked him up and took him to their house for the night. (Charitable act #1) Well after that we were just talking and we were about to leave and go back and knock some doors, but they asked us if we had eaten, (we had not and didn’t have a dinner that night either) so we tried to play it off and say that we were okay, but they wouldn’t have it so they gave us a bunch of carne asada and chicken. (charitable act #2) This just surprised me a lot because a lot of times people have an opinion on Latinos thinking that they are rude and all of that, but they are really some of the most humble people that I have ever met in my life. I am grateful for the opportunity to come here and learn Spanish and also learn about this culture and people. It has definitely changed my opinions on a lot things and it makes me appreciate a lot more of what I have.
This week we had to go to a bunch of Sacrament Meetings in English. It was weird after going to Sacrament Meetings in Spanish for 9 months and only going to about 5 in English in those 9 months. They each just have a different feel to them, but I have been more accustomed to the Spanish ones. I guess change just comes with time.

Glasses?  Who is HE Foolin?

This week we also had a BAPTISM!!!! We baptized a guy named Efrain Roman Lopez. I had been teaching this guy since the first day that I got here, so it was a good thing to finally see him get baptized. Baptisms are always some of the nicest things that you can see on a mission and this one wasn’t any different. It was also cool that in the first week that my companion was in the field, he had his first baptism! Well this was a strange week, but a good one. This transfer will definitely be filled with some crazy experiences and some learning opportunities.
Well Mom I am sorry to hear about everything and I just want to let you know that everything will be okay. I know it is tough and hard to handle right now, but the Lord has a reason to everything. Put your trust in Him and He will provide, that is something that I have learned very strongly here. I always have you in my prayers and I am sure that part will never change. Stay faithful and all will be well!!! Always remember that I love you! (I have been working for a school district for 5 years and found out this week that my position is eliminated.  I am without a job. Shock!)
Well I am grateful for another week here in the Lord's vineyard and love all of you!

Live it, Love it, Preach it!     LES AMO!!!!      ELDER D

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