Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hello May!

Hola Mis Amados Padres!     May 2, 2011 
      Well another week down and here we are again! It was a good week again. Things are definitely different after transfers and everything, but it is a good different. The work is the one thing that stays consistent throughout a whole mission. I can always count on that to never change.
It was pretty hard to say goodbye to Elder Bravo. It seemed like I said goodbye to him and his family about 4 times and somehow I would always end up seeing them again! I dropped him off at the Temple and said goodbye, but saw him that night as well. On Wednesday, he finally loaded up with his family and started their trek back to Orem. It is definitely a change to not have him here, but I am glad on who I got as my new companion.  (This was Chad’s first companion he has seen finish his mission and return home.)
Elder Lopez is probably the closest thing I could get to an Elder Bravo in this mission. We are getting along great, and we didn’t have the "awkward week" that accompanies transfers and new companions. He is a funny, short, stocky, Mexicano from Tijuana. He is excited to work and ready for everything that comes with it, so that is a definite plus. With Elder Bravo going home and being aware of “the real world” and all that, it got me think about him going back to the "real world." It seems that I can’t even remember much of what is “in the world,” I have been here just working and trying my best to focus on my mission. I don’t know when the change took place, but now to me, this is the "real world" or some would call it the "missionary world." But I am in this world for the time being and I am doing the best I can to make the best of the time I have in it.
Having a car is a definite change! (Since Chad is now the District Leader over other missionaries, he has a car to be able to keep in touch with them easier.)  I find myself thinking of ways to get to other places, and then I realize that a car can’t go through the holes in the fence, or the shortcuts we found. I also usually leave time to commute to somewhere for dinner or for a lesson, and then I remember that in a car it will take 5 minutes instead of a 30 minute walk. (Both the Mom and Dad remember this and said, “Been there, done that” while serving our missions!)
The one major thing that stuck out to me this week is how important the Holy Ghost is in missionary work. As missionaries, we can be saying all we want, but unless the Spirit is with us, the people we teach won’t understand or feel anything. It is definitely a blessing to know that the Holy Ghost is there backing up missionaries, as long as the live worthy to have Him there. I met my first General Authority face to face yesterday. Elder Terry Wade of the Seventy was at the Branch yesterday. It was pretty crazy, he is over all of the Spanish units in Southern Utah and he just happened to come to ours. We had the confirmation of Fredy in Sacrament, and Elder Wade stood in on his confirmation. What a cool experience! How many people can say that there was a Seventy in their circle when they were confirmed?
The Spanish is getting a lot better; I guess that is what happens when you use it all the time. I can feel everything growing, like my understanding and my vocabulary. I learned that I am able to listen to Spanish and English at the exact same time, and be able to understand each one separately. It was a pretty cool experience! I was pretty excited!
Yes Mother, Mother's Day is next Sunday. And I am pretty sure you will get a call from your favorite missionary, but I am not positive yet. Okay, so I am kidding. I know that you will get a call next Sunday. It will probably be about or 3 here, so about or 2 your time. That will give you enough time to just start falling into your Sunday afternoon nap, and then I will wake you up! J
(Chad’s father, Darin, had a diagnosis we thought was cancer in his lung, but the biopsy came back with no cancer cells.  We held back telling Chad until we knew for sure, and finally let him know of our anguish this last month while waiting for the reports.  Darin did not want to needlessly worry his son.)  So, to what your email was about, I mean I was in shock, and a little angry at the same time. But I am just happy that everything is okay with Pops and that he shouldn’t worry about me. I guess it is better that you didn’t tell me, because I would have been worrying, but it’s weird to know that this stuff was happening the whole time at home and I didn’t even know one thing. I am just happy to know that he is okay and that he is still living life! Well I do appreciate you at least telling me right now! Tell Pops that I love him and that I am thinking about him always and always praying for him.
So Mom, someone you trained has a daughter on a mission? Doesn’t another person you trained live in Beaver? (Yes, and Yes.) How many people did you train in your mission? (Five)  That is your and Dad's next assignment, to write to me and tell me about your missions. Okay? Alright well once again, my time is winding down! I love you so much!

Live it, Love it, Preach it!    TE AMO MUCHISMO!    ELDER D

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