Monday, May 16, 2011

Brief Letter - Visited "the narrows" Rock

Hola Mami y Papi.                 May 16, 2011 
It is that time again here.  I kind of procrastinated this letter, so hopefully I will get it all down before the computer kicks me off. This week was another good one, of course. We are still going with the flow and are still teaching about 35 lessons a week. (By any standard, that is high!)
I guess we can just start with last Monday. We went to Dixie Rock and took some more pictures of St. Geezy and then we went to this place called the narrows. Which is exactly what is says; the narrows. It is a gap between to rock walls and you basically force your way through it until you get to the other side or the top of it all. There is a picture attached to show you how tight it really was.
This week was filled with a lot more thinking, and I am finally getting everything straight. A mission isn’t easy, because salvation isn’t easy. But I know that it really isn’t our work, but it is the Lord's and if we trust in Him, he will provide a way to accomplish it. I am finding that being a District Leader isn’t all that different. It is basically just collecting the numbers from the District and then reporting them to the Zone Lords. The one thing that I do enjoy is to be able to do all the Baptismal Interviews. It gives me a chance to know others and their stories. It is a really cool experience.
This week we had interviews with the Mission President. Once again he just seemed kind of bland and he gave me a set interview.  I guess I will just have to deal with it and adjust. (Some Mission Presidents are very personable.  Others have their talents a bit more hidden!!)
News from Home:   I am glad that Bry's party went well and that he enjoyed it. The picture of him before church was super cute! He is SOOOO Big!! I am glad to hear that the (Columbia Burbank) baseball team is doing well and that they are going to Regionals. (I mentioned we received Kevin Ireland’s graduation announcement and asked Chad if he remembered those days so long ago -1 year) Well I do remember all those days of getting ready for Graduation and all of that, it seems just like yesterday. It is crazy to think that is has almost been a whole year.
Well I just want to let you know that I love you a ton and am really starting to enjoy why I am here.

 I am definitely LIVING IT, LOVING IT, AND DEFINITELY PREACHING IT! I hope you are all doing the same!

Te Amo!      ELDER D

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