Monday, February 28, 2011

Things are looking UP!

Hola Padres!!!                                           28 Feb 2011  
Well how goes it back in the good ole town of Burbank? This week was a better week. It wasn’t the greatest week but it was definitely a better week. My spirits having been picking up with every little experience that just keeps me from going insane and keeping me on track. There was quite a few little experiences throughout this week. For one we had our DTM and meetings with President this week. It was pretty interesting. So I had my first interview with him since I first got to St. George. So I have some bad news.... I have a plane ticket for Wednesday. I will be back in the airport in Pasco at . So will you be there to pick me up??   (CHAD THOMAS!!  scream from the MOM!)

Okay I am just kidding, hopefully you didn’t die of a heart attack Mom! I am sorry, I couldn’t resist to say those things. (Almost!!  Quit it Chad!!)
Well my Spanish skills increase a little more every week. Some weeks they increase more then others, but nonetheless they are still increasing slowly but surely. I am beginning to be able to talk to people just one on one and understand most of what is going on. That is different compared to when I would be able just teach things about the Gospel. Diligence is definitely needed to help me learn this language fully.
One funny thing we did this week, was as a District we had a mustache growing contest. I have included pictures to show you me and my companion after we grew them out for a few days. Alright, we all know that it isn’t allowed to grow any form of facial hair. We bought the fake mustaches after we ate lunch at a Mexican Restaurant here. My facial hair isn’t blond anyways, so the prank wouldn’t have worked. But it was pretty funny to see people look at us weird when they saw missionaries driving in a car with some mustaches. That is probably the one thing I absolutely dislike about a mission, having to shave everyday! I didn’t like to shave before my mission, and I definitely don’t like to do it now when it has to be done everyday!  (Boys will be BOYS and so will missionaries!)
Well I had a pleasant surprise from Uncle Howard and Aunt Robin this week. They sent me a package full of goodies! I was like, " WOW, I wasn’t expecting this."
One of the Spiritual Experiences I had this week came through a lesson with Ricardo. That is where most of the crazy moments of my mission have come. He has been skipping lessons and things because he has been super busy with a ton of things. He also has been getting away from doing the things he knows he should, like reading and praying. So when we went there we had a really good lesson. Then at the end of the lesson he asked us to give him another blessing of comfort. I was shocked that he asked in the first place, but then even more surprised when he asked me to be the one who blessed him. This is where I had the crazy experience. This is where I learned truly about the power of the Priesthood that I possess. During the blessing, I felt the Spirit working through me. I know that the blessing I said and the things I promised Ricardo weren’t things that I was saying to him, but the things that the Lord wanted to say to him. I don’t even remember the things that I said, I felt that I completely was just directed by the Spirit the whole time. After it was finished, Ricardo just sat there for about 3 minutes and he finally stood up and just was like "Wow! I have never felt anything like that before." So he was able to receive a blessing, and I was able to learn the true power of the Priesthood for myself!
Well no one can tell me that it doesn’t snow in Southern Utah. That theory has been proven wrong about 5 times since I have been in Hurricane. Yesterday we woke up to snow on the ground, it melted by about 11, but we had snow flurries until about at night. The weather here is extremely weird, since today it is supposed to be in the 60s and sunny! So the weather has been bipolar lately.
Well I know about the money thing. It is something that I really need to learn and understand. The only thing is that I am thinking about buying another set of sheets to have with me. But I can just buy those with the Walmart Gift Card that you sent me, depending on how much is on it. But that is the only thing that I was really needing. I was thinking about buying another suit, but that can wait for a while.
Well that is a really cool thing about Sara being your waitress. (Darin and I went to dinner at Cousins and a close friend of Chad’s was our waitress.  She said, “I miss Chad!” and she told us she has been keeping up with Chad by reading his blog!) I am glad that people are reading my blog and learning about what is going on. Shout out to all those who read my blog! I guess to even those of you in Russia?! I don’t really know anyone in Russia but I guess the news about me is just spreading...  (We did a search and found that over 1000 people have read Chad’s blog and it even showed one hit originating from Russia.)
I do have a special assignment for you as my parents! I want you to write me a letter describing your conversion. I have never heard your stories and this is especially for Mom, since she is a convert, but it is also for Dad. Describe for me the experience you had that helped you learn these things for yourself. The catch is that is has to be handwritten, no emailing these things to me. HANDWRITTEN! I figured I leave assignments for the investigators; I should leave one to the parents as well! Well I am looking forward to another week and hoping that it is better than the last. Stay strong! I am praying for you!

Live it, Love it, Preach it!   Con amor de tu hijo,     ELDER D

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