Saturday, February 26, 2011

More LOWS than HIGHS at the moment!

THANK YOU to all who have said you have viewed Chad's blog and enjoy keeping up with all his activities.  He is feeling a little overwhelmed and would LOVE to receive a letter or email from YOU!!  Tough weeks are common on a mission.  He was fortunate to start out having some super successful weeks!  Thanks again to all who send their love and support!  We love you too! -- Mom and Dad Davis  :P

Hola Mis Padres!!!                       22 February 2011  
      Well this email isn’t going to be the greatest and most uplifting. This past week was probably the toughest week I have had since I have been on my mission. Everything was just super tough and things never went the right way for us. I guess my mission here in Utah isn’t a fairytale as a lot of people think. This definitely has been one of those trials of my faith. Everything is making me lose my patience or get me super frustrated. I keep working and going forth but it doesn’t help when you go to visit people who could really care less if you came over to visit them or not or when you are struggling to find common ground with a companion.
     Things just have gotten super super tough and I just sometimes don’t know what I have to do or why things happen like this to me. (It's not to HIM, but it feels like it is!) Investigators don’t want to do anything and don’t even have a desire to learn, they just have us over to be nice. This just makes me even more frustrated and makes me want to say things that I shouldn’t say to them. But I guess everyone has their free agency to choose what they want to do, my job is just to present the message to them and then they can choose after that.
     There was one thing that did help me out this week and that was a comment that Ricardo told me. He said, "When you have tough days and are feeling pretty down, it doesn’t matter that you have had a thousand doors slammed in your face, but always remember that you have changed my life!" So I definitely felt pretty good after he told me that. But I still had some bad days and pretty frustrating. My patience for people has definitely been slipping. It also didn’t help that it rained on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It just didn’t help me to have any more of a desire to go out and work through the down pouring rain.
     On Sunday, we did have the chance to help out for the "Baptism Preview" for all those kids that are around that age. It was pretty cool to help out for that. I also was able to talk about it all in Spanish. Even through all this frustration and everything, I have really been feeling that I have been getting some help through the gift of tongues. It has been helping a lot and I have been speaking it a lot more with (Elder) Lora, and also with all the rest of the members and investigators we have. I have also been able to study a little more and be able to have that come to me a little more fluently.
     We didn’t get to email yesterday because of the holiday celebrating all our dead Presidents. Because of that we also didn’t really do much yesterday. We just hung out at home for most of the day and enjoyed the time to relax.  I am super glad that you had the opportunity to get away and take a trip to the Oregon Coast. It is okay that I wasn’t there, it doesn’t even bother me actually. I am totally content with being here on a mission and I know that this is where I am meant to be right now. The only thing that I am a little jealous about is the Tillamook Ice Cream. That stuff is so good, and I am poor so I can’t buy any!
     Well that sure is a lot of changes that have been happening back home. So we are still the Pasco Stake, but just have a bunch of different people leading it now. I kind of had the thought in my mind when you said that the stakes were being split that Bishop Lott would be in the Presidency, well I guess it is President Lott now. 
     So a water main busted under my bathroom? Does that mean I will have a new bathroom when I come home? I like the sound of that. I leave for two years and you remodel my bathroom. Not too shabby of a thing to get in return. Well I am sorry that this email wasn’t very uplifting and glorious like the other ones, but with all things there is opposition and I am suddenly faced with that opposition right now.
     Well I love you a ton and hope you are doing great. I continue you to pray for you and hope that you are enjoying the fruits of the Gospel.

Live it, Love it, Preach it!       Your son,    Elder D

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