Friday, December 3, 2010

MAILING SOMETHING TO ELDER DAVIS? Here are some guidelines!

We have received a few calls about sending Chad letters and/or packages.  ALL MAIL NEEDS TO BE SENT VIA UNITED STATES POST OFFICE to the Mission Home address No UPS, FedX or any other private company.  USPS mail can be forwarded to missionaries without any additional charges.  This will apply for his entire mission.  :Q
      Chad loves your letters!  Thanks for keeping in touch!  If you would like to send him a package, you know he would love that too!  However, keep in mind that he cannot have any HUGE items that he will have to carry with him for 2 years!  He CAN have MUSIC -- hymns, Mormon Tab, inspirational CDs.  We will be sending him a individual CD player, so if you would like to send him an inspirational CD, he would love that!  The Mission President also sent a note encouraging us to follow mission rules and do not send any reading material other than the approved list (which he already has) and no distracting toys or clothing. 
    This is such a fun time of year and Chad is enjoying his experience and growing closer to the Savior of the World and His mission.    May you all have a blessed holiday!

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