Monday, December 13, 2010

FACEBOOK UPDATING (Naughty or Nice?)

Hola Padres!         13 December 2010  
Well to start off, I am going to answer the question that has been on your minds the whole week!!! I actually had permission to get on Facebook from the Mission President. We all did, we were all allowed to get on and see if there was anything we needed to clean up. But sorry for all the confusion. Just know that I wasn’t breaking any rules or anything. I am being obedient to the rules here, don’t worry about that.
Well this week has been all over the place. Just hit and miss with all the investigators. We have been out walking a ton this week. We have been just walking during the day and going all over Hurricane. It can be quite a hike sometimes, but it is good to get out and get some exercise. While we were out walking and knocking some doors, we had the opportunity to meet Ken and Barbie. Well not the dolls, but a husband and wife. They are very devout Baptists and pretty hardcore.  We just talked and talked and talked for like an hour. It didn’t go anywhere, just a fun little fact to be able to say I met Ken and Barbie on my mission.
Well I can already tell that Christmas out here on the mish, is going to be way different then back at home. Back at home, it was always filled with basketball practices and games. Here it is filled with eating and we actually are being permitted to watch a "worldly" movie, Toy Story 3. I don’t know if that is really that worldly. Sometimes all this Christmas thinking makes me miss home and wish I was there, but I know that it is just a phase and that this is where I need to be.
Well I am in a normal companionship now. Well weird for me, but normal for everyone else. Elder Carter received his visa. So this morning he headed out to catch a plane back to Salt Lake. This is really weird. Elder Carter was able to teach me a ton and help me grow. He is an extremely solid missionary. He will “do work” down in Mexico City.
Well I went on some exchanges with the Zone Leaders for a night. They are pretty interesting characters. The work is so much different teaching in English than in Spanish. It's beginning to be hard to teach some things in English, just because I am so used to them in espanol.
Well the one funny thing we did this week, we went to a house that has their Christmas lights coordinated with some music and we did a full on dance session in front of it. I will try and send you the video. It was pretty legit. (See Chad’s Facebook page.)
Well I hope that all is well in B-Town. And don’t forget the true reason for the season!!!
Live it, Love it, Preach it!!!

Elder D

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