Monday, December 6, 2010


Well Hello My Dearest Parents!!!              December 6, 2010 

Well it has been a pretty good week here in Hurricane, Utah. I am glad that everything went well with dad’s checkup and Dr. Golden is amazing. Mom, what movie are you going to go to with Marilyn??  Yes, talking with Bro. Demille was pretty legit! (Chad was having dinner with Brother Demille's cousin in Hurricane, and his cousin called Brother Demille in Burbank so Chad could talk to him!) He is an awesome guy and his family here is just as great!!!!
But I will kind of respond to your email as I go, with everything I have planned out.....
        Well this week has been a lot of up and down everyday. Which is to be expected but it kind of gets me down sometimes. We talk to a lot of people, but it’s a lot of the same people every week. There isn’t a whole bunch of new people to contact around here. So needless to say, we get shot down by a lot of people. On the downside, I too have been sick. It just seems to get me when I don’t need to be sick. But I think I am getting better and it should continue. Don’t worry Pops, I am doing all I need to be doing. Well now to the good things of this week.
Well I went to the 12 Step Addiction Recovery Program. Being on a mission really makes you realize the certain addictions you have in my life, so President Leonard told me to go take care of them. Just kidding!!! Gotcha!!
 Elder Carter and I went the the meeting with our investigator Ricardo, to help him feel more comfortable. (to the 12 step addiction program) The cool thing about this program is that it helps you just be a better person. I know that I learned a ton of things and I am sure Elder Carter did as well. With that being said, I would just like to apologize for everything bad I have done. I know that I haven’t been the best kid or best son, but I am on the right path now and just want to say sorry for all the tears and grief I have caused you over the years.
We were also able to go teach 5 lessons in one night. That is pretty awesome, because the previous high for me was only 3. Another other cool thing was that all the lessons were with a member present. That is a hard thing to do. We also had some pretty funny things happen to us this week. We had a lady try to pawn off her daughters on us! I have heard of this happening in other countries but not in Utah! She was extremely persistent too! She came up and asked us the typical questions, where are we from, and stuff like that. But then she just came out of no where and started throwing out questions about girlfriends and what kind of girls we like and it was so weird!! She then started telling us about her daughters and giving us all these details and showed us pictures on her phone, Elder Carter and I were like wow lady, you just need to take it easy!!!! This is by far the funniest moment I have had in the mission. She was so persistent that she wanted us to meet her daughters and come over on Christmas and everything. She even took down our names and said “they will right to you!” Seems a little desperate to me... but I am guessing that this won’t be the last time that this will happen.
The other really funny thing that happened, was on Saturday. So we were out walking around to try and visit some people all in the same area. A little background is that most people here just honk and wave. And that is pretty much everyone here. So we were walking and we heard a honk from behind us, so we turn around to see a guy hanging out the window and screamed "Hail Satan!" We were all caught by surprise to hear that, but especially since we are in the good ole state of Utah. After we all realized what had happened, we all enjoyed a good laugh on the sidewalk.
As you know, we ate dinner will all Bro. Demille's cousins. They are all super caring and kind people. Their dinner was pretty amazing too. The cool thing was that they ate Ranch Dressing on pretty much everything, so I felt pretty much at home.
Now to the craziest part of my week, SUNDAY!!! This day was jammed packed of stuff to do. We had to attend like 5 Sacrament Meetings, 4 Correlations, a dinner, and a BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!! We were basically running around like chickens with our heads cut off from one building to the other. The Baptism was my first here in the mission! So I was pretty stoked!! It was from Ingrid Castro. She is married to a member and they moved here with their family from El Salvador about 8 months ago. The Baptismal Service was super, super spiritual. The actual baptism itself was kind of awkward, but it got the job done. We should be able to baptize her two sons here shortly as well.
Well this week has been jammed packed with things to do. Time here just flies by so quickly! I hope all is well. I love you so much!
Live it, Love it, Preach it!        Elder D


Whitney said...
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Whitney said...

Davis Family,
I am one of Bro. Demilles relatives here in Hurricane, Utah. My family has had the opportunity to feed Elder Davis & his companions a couple times since he has arrived here & look forward to doing it again (many more times). We aren't in the Spanish branch but we live around the corner from your son in another ward, & once Bro Demille called & told us a little about Elder Davis & what a wonderful guy he is, we couldn't wait to meet him. After meeting him my mom said that she would adopt him in a heart beat if she could, but since she can't she just tells everyone that our family has adopted the 3 elders while they are here! Even though we have only known your son for such a short time he has become like family to us. He is such an amazing Elder! We look forward to there visits & the spirit they bring with them each time. We will be sad the day he is transferred, but we (me & my entire family) hope to remain friends with him.
Don't worry as long as he is here in Hurricane, my family will take extra good care of him.

-Whitney Spendlove

Elder Davis said...

Thanks so much for the information on how Chad is doing. We are so glad to know he is being looked after. Before he is sent elsewhere in the mission, I am sure Turk will be there to see how he is doing in person. THANKS SO MUCH for taking care of my sonny boy while he is serving the Lord.
With Love, Tonja and Darin Davis :)