Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November 3rd letter - ONE WEEK TO ST. GEORGE!

Hola Padres!                                      November 11, 2010 

Well to start off, all the snow has melted. We are completely snowless and it is about in the 50s here.
      Here is something to think about, the next email you will get will be from St. Geezy!!!! At this time next Wednesday I will be in the air flying there!!!! That is so awesome to think about. My excitement is indescribable. The time here has flown by! My teaching skills have increased ten fold since the first week. I would have never thought that my Spanish would be at the point it is right now. If I would have been told that this is how my Spanish would be, I wouldn’t have believed it at all. I can basically talk about the Gospel fluently. But it’s just the common sense stuff for the other part.
     I got to dress up for Halloween.... any guesses??? That’s right, a missionary!
       All the rest of my district leaves on Sunday to go to Chile and then my companions leave on Tuesday, so I am the last person to leave. So since we are all leaving, our district sang Amazing Grace in Sacrament Meeting. It was awesome. It was Spiritual, yet soulful! It was all influenced by Elder Vance. Elder Vance is a musical genius!!! He can play any song on the piano and has a voice like an angel. He actually got to sing at one of the Firesides for the whole MTC! He has some songs on Itunes and loves music but doesn’t know if he wants to make it a career. Look him up Jonny Vance and the SGC.   (Marilyn, this is YOUR area, what do you think???) 
      I got to talk to Elder Scrimsher a lot on Sunday too. My companion, Elder Wood, took some pictures with all the missionaries from his home ward, and Elder Scrimsher was there because one of the Elders in his room was from that ward. It was nice to just catch up and talk with a familiar person. It’s weird to think that in a week I won’t see him or anyone I know for 22 months.
      Last night we were blessed to listen to another Apostle. That’s right, we had an Apostle speak at the Devotional for 3 straight weeks!!! This week it was M. Russell Ballard. He spoke on being a master communicator. It was an excellent talk, I wouldn’t expect any less from an Apostle.
        Well this week will fly by and the next letter will be from St. George. So people need to send all the letters to the other address. I love you all so much!!
              Live it, Love it, Preach it!!
                         Elder D!


Cortney Anderson said...

time has gone so fast!! He leaves a day before my birthday :)

Marilyn said...


I looked up Jonny Vance and his music is actually really great! I wrote Chad today to tell him that I will be featuring Elder Vance's music on my blog sometime in the future :)

I also ordered Chad some cookies to receive... I think he will get them tomorrow :)

I love his letters!