Saturday, November 13, 2010

ARRIVED IN ST. GEORGE....we think!!

Hello to those who are keeping up with Elder Davis in the mission field.  We received a phone call on Wednesday morning saying Chad was at the airport and headed to St. George with 11 other missionaries, 3 others were Spanish speaking as is Chad. 

We had hoped to receive an email or letter stating WHERE he is assigned, but have yet to receive that information!!  He was anxious on Wednesday morning and expressed his joy of serving the Lord and arriving in the mission field.  We will keep you updated once we actually hear from him or his mission president!     Love to you all!   (the mom and dad!)

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Cortney Anderson said...

He seemed so excited in the last letter I got to finally be a real missionary! :) so excited for him to start doing what he's been wanting to do all this time!