Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Making the Best of the LAST TWO WEEKS!!

Enjoying the SCENIC VIEWS!

Buenos tardes!      27 August 2012
            This week has been pretty good. We have seen quite a few blessings and miracles, but we have seen the opposition come as well. We just keep on riding the roller coaster here in Emery County.  We were able to find a few new people to teach this week. One is a 18 year old kid named Cody. His father is actually a member of the Church, but just doesn't attend.  Cody is very open to meeting with us and learning to find out what church is the true church on this earth. He knows a little bit, but has great potential. We are really looking forward to helping him continue to progress and learn more about the Gospel here in the next few weeks.
            This last Tuesday was a really successful day for us. We didn't have too many planned lessons, but the Lord provided us with the opportunity to teach several people. We started off by giving service to one of our investigators. We helped him straighten some stuff up around his house and jacked up his car so he could fix it. It was quite fun actually. It was weird too, because when we went inside, he had the BYU channel on the TV and President Monson was speaking. He then just says, "I freaking love that man!" It was super random, but he then explained to us that he has been really enjoying learning more about the Gospel and going to church. Then last week when he got home from church just watched the BYU channel the rest of the day. It is good to know that hearts can be softened through the Gospel.
            We also were able to have a really good lesson with an investigator named Shorty. He asked us a question about life after death, so we were able to explain the whole Plan of Salvation. Later that evening we were able to have an amazing lesson with a less active family, the Bell's. They are trying to get everything in order so their son can go on a mission and be sealed in the temple. We reviewed the Restoration and the Spirit really filled the room and testified to them. As we were quoting the First Vision, Sister Bell even started to cry. I am really starting to love that family as well.
            We did experience a lot of good things this week, but the trials were still there as well. We found out that half of our area had been cut out. We used to cover all of Emery County in Spanish, but this week we found that we only cover half of it in Spanish. So that took away one of our most solid investigators. We also struggled because of school starting again - trying to deal with the "dead hours" from 8 to 3.
            We also had a good lesson with our investigator named David. He is definitely ready for his baptism next week. I am so excited to see that happen. I have worked for 5 months with him, and to see him finally be ready for that step is amazing!
            I also received my flight plans this week, which was quite a shock and a weird feeling. But don't worry, I won't focus on that and I will work hard for my last 2 weeks. On Sunday I received a really good compliment from a family that we visit. They told me, "you have brought us closer to the Church then any other missionary has in the past." I thought that I really didn't deserve that compliment, but that is how things go sometimes. That comment made me start thinking of how many other lives that I may have changed or touched because of my mission. It might not even have been a big thing to me, but to them I may have changed their lives. I know that I was truly called to the Utah St. George Mission because that is where the Lord needed me to serve. He knew that there were people that I needed to meet and visit to help change and grow. I know that I will forever be grateful to my mission and for the lessons about charity that I have learned.
            NEWS FROM HOME: Well it is good to hear that the ward members have been a real big support in this last couple of weeks.(As we have returned from the Uni of Washington Hospital, ward members have checked on Darin and have brought in excellent meals - one less thing to worry about.  Thank you Snake River Ward!)  That is good to hear that Sis. Kelly was able to come and help you out.(Sister Kelly and I talked about her daughter's options at BYU Idaho and she gave me some suggestions to help Chad on his college decisions.)  I have still been thinking about a Church school mom, but I am still weighing all my options. I will be able to decide in a few weeks, and I have not applied for a PELL Grant yet, but I will do that shortly. (Chad's brother in law, Keith, and his father spent all day Saturday doing home repairs for us and added the needed trim to the bathroom, which has been in a half finished state for a year!)  It is good to hear that Keith and his father have been able to help with those things around the house. It is always nice to have that help and support. (We also shared some job options with Chad when he returns home.)  I don't know about the job, but I wouldn't care about working physically. It will help me get back in shape, but I will make that decision in a few weeks as well. (Also Sister Rickords from our ward met with Chad's mission president's wife at a wedding recently.) But that is good to hear that Sis. Leonard and President Leonard think highly of me!
Sorry that this is so scattered and short, but I will email you next week! Thanks for everything!

Live it, Love it, Preach it!  de Castle Dale, UtahELDER D

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