Monday, August 20, 2012

Buenos días!                     20 August 2012

Well this week has been a pretty good, but also a week of learning. I will let you in on some of my thinking for this week and why I learned so much.
We have been working hard and having a lot of trials in our path. It isn't an easy thing to constantly find new people to teach and help come unto Christ when I have about 4000 people to talk with in all of Castle Dale and Orangeville. So it is hard a feat to go about and find those people when I have been here for about 5 months already. The main lesson that I have learned lately is diligence. There have been so many scriptures that I have read lately that have just emphasized the importance of being diligent in missionary work. We have been trying a lot to find those people that are ready, but just haven't been able to pin them down. We keep working and learning from each day. It was kind of crazy because through all of this, one of the less active members that we teach asked about trials and how to overcome them. She is only 26, but she has been through cancer and chemo and a bunch of other stuff. We just told her that there is something that the Lord wants her to learn, and maybe she continues to have trials because she just hasn't learned the lesson that the Lord wanted her to learn yet. This lead into a discussion about humility and submitting to the will of the Lord. She said that she would commit herself to diligently reading from the Scriptures and to pray to find out what the Lord wants her to learn.
This week I also went on exchanges with the zone leaders. So once again, I went up to their area, Helper. It was nice to get away from Castle Dale for a little bit and to meet some new people.  I was with Elder Ware, actually goes home the same time I do, so it was a weird thing to be with him, because it will be the last exchange we go on.
As for our investigators, David, is still doing really well. We talked a lot about his baptism and the blessings that will come after that. He only chewed one time this last week, so he will definitely be prepared for his baptism on the 1st of September. We have also been working with a few other people, and it is progressing slowly. We should see some big results in September.
Another learning opportunity I had this week was I had been praying to really understand why I had stayed here in this area and why I wasn't transferred for my last transfer. I hadn't really gotten an answer on why I was still here, but on Sunday that answer came like a ton of bricks. While we were sitting in Sacrament Meeting the High Council speaker was speaking on prayer and answers. The impression just came into my mind so clearly, that I was there for someone special. I wasn't told who it was or what I was supposed to do for this person, but I was there for someone. It was a very humbling experience, but it just reminded me how powerful the Lord is and that He will respond to us in His time and when we are prepared for the answer. I guess that I wasn't prepared to receive the answer until then. I know that I am truly here to help my brothers and sisters. I am not here just to get a bunch of numbers, but I am here to help everyone come unto Christ and partake of the fullness of the Gospel that has been restored to the earth. I don't know exactly who I am supposed to help, but I am here to help someone, if not all the people here in this area.
Another thing I have been dealing with lately, is all the people reminding me of how much time I have left. It is frustrating because almost all the members here know that I am getting short on time, but they always bring it up. It is hard because I just want to work and enjoy the time that I have left.
NEWS FROM HOME: (Our Bishop came to Uni of Washington Hospital in Seattle to visit with us while Darin was there.) It is good to hear that the Bishop has been really charitable and has given you so much love and care in these trying times. He seems like a wonderful man. I can't wait to meet him. (We have also acquired a new dog, a small miniature black lab, Princess Sheila) Well that is very interesting that you have gotten a new dog. I don't know how I really feel about it or not, but I guess I will cross that bridge when I get back.
I am grateful to everyone for their help and support! I miss all of you very much, but I know I am supposed to be here. This is the Lord's work and He will keep it moving forward!      Live it, Love it, Preach it!

de la viña del Gran Rey Jesús!      ELDER D!

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