Monday, August 22, 2011

Busy Days, Hard Work, Equals Being A Missionary!

Hola Benditos Padres!!!                22 Aug 2011

Well this week just keep going by quicker and quicker. I don’t know if it is something in the water here or what, but this transfer has gone by the fastest of any of my whole mission. This week is looking to be a really good one with a lot of success. We have really expanded the area and the teaching pool here, so it is really nice to see that our labors are producing success. I will let you know all the great details next week, so stay tuned!

Our Tuesday here was nuts. We had an appointment scheduled for every hour of the day until it ended. We were just going non stop from 10 in the morning until at night. We hardly had time to even contact anyone. We would just look at our watch, then planner and hop in the car to drive to another appointment. It was one of the most rewarding, but tiring days of my mission.

It hasn’t helped that I have gotten sick again. This is probably the worst time I have been sick since I got on my mission. It was pretty bad, but I didn’t take a day off and just kept going with the work of the Lord. I did take care of myself with all the stuff that you sent me a little while back. So no worries, I am on the uphill slope out of being sick. Let’s just hope that it stays that way.

This Friday was pretty tough for us. Price is a pretty small town, and with most small towns, when there is a big community event the town shuts down. Well that was the case this week. There was a high school football game and it was like no one was home for that night and the next day. It was pretty tough night, but we made the best of what we had.

We are still doing a lot of service. This week our service was framing walls of a house. It was pretty crazy to be using tools and doing physical labor. It was a really good way for the family to make some new friends with members of the ward.

Boys will be BOYS!!
Sunday provided us another extremely eventful day. We took the drive out to East Carbon, a little tiny town in our area, for Sacrament Meeting. We some how convinced our driver to take his little Ford Escort out into some playground. Well, we got the car stuck, so we had to go inside and get a kid that we know pretty well to pull out the car so that we could get back for some other meetings.

How do you say STUCK
 in Spanish?

We then went to a missionary farewell. I know you can’t call them that anymore, but that is what it was. It is just weird to think that I did that over a year ago. It is just so crazy to think of where I am on my mission and that this kid is just starting out on his mission. Time really does fly by! After that, we had to teach a class for another ward. We actually had to teach the Young Women about community service. It was a bit strange -- it was the first time that Elder Nathan or I had been in Young Women’s for a lesson.

NEWS FROM HOME:  I am really happy to hear that everything is going better at home. I am glad that your job is good, Mom. I wish you luck with learning the system and all that. It really will work out for you I know that. I am glad to hear that Dad is doing a lot better. I am also glad that the news from the doctor’s was nothing but good news. That takes just a little more off of my shoulders and allows me to relax just a little bit more. (about his father’s health)

Well sorry this week’s letter isn’t as big as it usually is, I just didn’t have to many crazy experiences or much to say this week! Well I hope all is well!

Live it, Love it, Preach it!      ELDER D

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