Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Most A M A Z I N G Week E V E R ! ! !

Hola Padres!!!                       10 January 2011  
Well this week has been absolutely ridiculous!! This has definitely been my most successful week on my mission, along with most spiritual, and most exhausting!!! We have really stepped up our work here. We taught over 20 lessons this week, 23 to be exact and my previous high was only like 15. Man, missionary work can be extremely tiring! Everyday this week when I have gotten home, all I have wanted to do was just climb into bed and go to sleep! I have really been learning a lot this week as well. I have been learning a bunch about Church History and watching different movies that help build my testimony a lot. I have watched Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration a few times lately. It is a really testimony booster. You can purchase it as well it is in this Doctrine and Covenants case, it comes with quite a bit of stuff. So you can look for it at the Bookstore.
Well back to the missionary work. Well we broke a lot of records this week. Like total lessons in a week with 23, and total lessons in a day with 8, people in Sacrament meeting with 9. So the work here is really starting to increase and I am really starting to get the hang of how missionary work is supposed to be done. My Spanish is becoming better and better everyday. I think it is definitely paying off to have a native companion. He is definitely a stud missionary and is helping me grow a lot. It’s so funny because when we go places I speak Spanish to him and he speaks in English back to me. It’s pretty crazy because people see a white guy speaking Spanish and a Spaniard speaking English. That is the one thing that is helping me a ton. I understand pretty well but I just don’t speak all that great, so that’s why I speak Spanish and he just answers me in English. We both benefit from the conversations.
Well I haven’t had to eat too many interesting foods on my mission so far but that changed this week. I ate tacos de lengua aka tongue tacos! Not going to lie, they were pretty good. If you didn’t think about what it was that you were eating, you wouldn’t think about it all.
Well I am definitely enjoying this week and all that has happened. I also have seen a ton of progression in Ricardo. He is definitely ready to be baptized. We just have to wait a few more weeks for him to be off of probation. The only bad thing is that I may not be here depending on if I get transferred or not. Hopefully I will be here to see the day that he is able to make that special covenant with our Father in Heaven.
Oh so by the way, I did receive my CD player, Speakers, and CD's. I really love having the chance to listen to music in the apartment now. The only problem was when I went to pick it up; I had to pay for it!!!! So there are more rules for the mail then just sending it USPS. You sent it Parcel Post, so I guess that doesn’t have the ability to be automatically forwarded without me paying for it on this end. But if it is sent First Class mail or in the boxes that they have, it will be automatically forwarded to me. Sorry for any inconvenience that this things may have caused you.  (So to anyone who mails a package, do not send it parcel post!!)
Well yes Mother, the 435 is the same as the 509, they are both area codes.  Its kind of hard to explain to you what all these sayings mean when I am 1000 miles away. But I am sure that there are other things weighing on your mind besides just the 435. Well I love you a ton and thanks for the picture of Chay Chay. So one quick question? Has Bry taken over my room yet? My guess is yes, and I hate to say it but I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!  (Chad was so sure his sister and her kids would take over HIS ROOM , especially Bryson our 4 year old grandson .... well, they have moved back in with us and it isn't just Bryson who has taken over his room.  We hope they find other housing SOON!!!)

Live it, Love it, Preach it!!!

From the gran ole city of Hurricane, Utah!!! aka the 435!    Elder D

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