Monday, January 24, 2011


Hola Mis Padres!!!!!                      24 January 2011   
     This week has come and gone pretty quick! It feels like yesterday that I was writing an email home. We have been working really really hard lately! We are always trying to make our best better! We had a really good week again. I continue to set highs in a lot of categories. I set new ones in lessons taught and people who attended Sacrament Meeting. We taught a total of 27 lessons and had 12 people at Church! We have really been seeing the little miracles and blessings that have been provided for us. We will have someone cancel on us, and then we will get 3 completely different lessons to fill the space of time that was for that investigator. It is crazy how we can have a plan for a day, start to finish, and then our day will be completely different from what we have had plans.
My Spanish skills are continuing to increase and it is still a tough thing and slow to see progress. I still understand better then I can speak it. I am pretty sure that it will be that way for a little while. It is just kind of tough because of all the English I am surrounded with. But being able to learn Spanish is truly a blessing. I found out what the hardest thing for me to do right now is, talking Spanish on the phone! Man, it is one thing to talk with people in person and be able to understand a lot just from their expressions and hand motions, but when you remove those and put it just trying to listen, way hard!!!!!! Especially because everyone always sounds different on the phone from what they do in real life, or at least that’s what I think. But I am getting better at it. I just try to keep it as simple as possible and not try to stray outside of the things I am comfortable talking about.  I am completely comfortable with almost all the Gospel topics, but I struggle hardcore when the conversation moves outside the realm of the Gospel and the few topics I know how to speak about. The joys of being a missionary!!
Well we have been on computers a lot more lately. We are now allowed to use as a missionary tool. We are all supposed to put a profile on there, these profiles are pretty basic. They just include our names and our conversion story and a little about ourselves. It is extremely weird to be told that we need to get on the computer a little more. Our mission president is huge on this thing. He stresses it every time we have a training or something. Technology is really helping the missionary work move along. The word on the street is that within a year, they are going to get rid of our area books (notebooks with a bunch of papers in them) and give every companionship an iPad to contain all our papers and stuff.  I don’t know if that will exactly happen, but that is the word on the street.
So what is an email without talking about the weather?? Well it has been pretty nice here, mostly in the upper 50s everyday. The only thing that happens is sometimes it gets pretty windy every now and then. We got some like 50 MPH gusts last Wednesday.
Well Mom, I have a confession to make..... I am really starting to enjoy the food. You always said that it would someday take me over. Well it happened! The food has really grown on me. Spanish rice, beans, and tortillas!!! These are the things that everyone eats with every meal. At first, I really struggled with it all and my taste buds were rejecting it. But now, I am eating it and enjoying it! J
On Friday, I experienced  my first Zone Conference. It was pretty good. We finished all our trainings and then had a nice lunch. After lunch we went into the Chapel and just listened to a few talks from the Office Staff. I really enjoyed it. Well this week has been really random, and filled with random moments. We seriously would have something planned and then everything would change because we had a random moment to teach someone else or a chance to go here or there. Just a little things that have been coming up, that is missionary work for you!  (Chad LOVES the word Random!)
It sounds like you all have had a really good week. Kiel Munger is now married!  I am glad you were able to attend.  So you went to a Spanish Session huh?? I don’t even think that I could do that yet. You beat me to the punch on that one! Maybe when I get home we can all go to one, I will listen and you can use the headphones. Haha. Well I am glad that you really appreciate all the hard work that has to be done to understand and speak a language.
     You will have to also let me know about all the Ward changes that are taking place. (It was announced that we will be getting a new Bishop next week and many stake changes.  Special meeting at at the stake center.)  Tell Bro. Phil that he isn’t off the hook yet, he could be in the Bishopric still or the new Bishop. It will be so weird to come home to a ward where I won't even know everyone. It will be crazy to see all the changes that will have happened in two years! I probably won’t even recognize the place. When are the overpasses supposed to put in? Well make sure to keep me posted! (An overpass is planned for the Burbank area that will add a “roundabout” for traffic and not allow traffic onto the highway at one intersection.  Pretty major changes for little Burbank!)
 I love you guys so much! Have a good week!
Live it, Love it, Preach it!!    Tu Hijo Amado!     Elder D

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