Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Easter Everyone!

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Saludos a todos mis amados padres y amigos!    April 9 2012
      It was really good to hear about all the Easter stories and events that happened to you this week. It is crazy how time goes by every week. I say this every week, but it truly is crazy to think that another week went by since I was last here in the Castledale Library emailing home.
        This week was a really solid week with lots of good solid things happening here in Emery County. The blessings of hard work and obedience continue to come and we are more then happy to receive this blessing. We have been really going forth and putting in the effort and we have found the "elect" this week. We found a 14 year old boy named Bret. He has met with missionaries in the past and said that he was going to get baptized, but it just never happened due to transfers. He said that he is ready and willing to do what is necessary again to be baptized this time.
        We also were able to find this lady named Lori. She is in her 20s and recently married a less active member of the Church. She doesn't know too much about the Church or our beliefs, but she does know that she wants to be sealed with her husband and kids in the temple. So we told her that we would be more then happy to help her to learn and to know how she can reach that goal of a temple sealing. She will probably be baptized in the first part of May.
       The best one of all is this lady named Priscilla. So Priscilla, is honestly probably the most "golden" investigator I have ever taught on my mission. The story is pretty interesting on how we are at this point, but it all started back in California. (She just moved here to Utah a few months ago.) She was walking on the street there and a missionary contacted her and asked if she wanted to learn more about Jesus Christ. She didn’t have much time, so she never met with them; she just remembers the glow and smile on his face. That was the lasting impression she had of missionaries. Now, fast forward to about 3 weeks ago here Castledale. The missionary that was here before me actually got pulled over for speeding, but instead of giving him a ticket, the cop actually gave him a referral to go and see Priscilla. Priscilla was more then happy to receive the missionaries and to learn more, but it wasn't until just recently that she has met with the missionaries consistently. She is actually battling breast cancer, and she had a surgery earlier in the week. We met with her, taught her about the Restoration, and left her with the Introduction to the Book of Mormon to read. When we came back two days later, we asked how her reading went and she started talking about Nephi and Lehi and the struggles that they went through when they left Jerusalem. Obviously she read more then just the Introduction. We asked her how far she had read in the Book of Mormon - she then responded, “when Jesus Christ came to the Americas” (3 Nephi 11). So in two days she had read over two thirds of the Book of Mormon! We asked her if she prayed about it and she said that she did and she knows that it is true! We immediately invited her to be baptized on the 21st of April, and she accepted! It is so crazy how things have happened with her. She believes that she was brought to Utah for a reason. (See 2 Nephi 12:2) She is even taking notes in our lessons as we continue to teach her! I am still just so surprised on how much this lady was prepared for the gospel. This truly is a tender mercy of the Lord!
        We have been able to get out to Huntington and do some Spanish work this week. It was really nice to be back in a place where I feel comfortable speaking Spanish! There is a lot of work to be done with the Hispanics as well, hopefully we can have enough time to go and do that work as well. I was also able to go on exchanges with Elder Leguizamón. It is pretty crazy to think that 10 months have gone by since I trained him as a brand new missionary. It is kind of weird that my "son" is now my zone leader, but he has definitely become a really good missionary. I definitely didn't have any part in him becoming the missionary he is because he is so much better than me. (In the mission field, when you train someone in the ways of missionary work, that person is your "son" and you are a "dad" -- Elder Chad trained Elder Leguizomon, so he is his "son" in mission terms!)
       Another random thing that happened this week, is that we ate dinner in a mortuary. Well, technically, it was a house attached to the mortuary, but nonetheless it was still kind of weird. I don’t know how they can live right next to a bunch of dead people. But to each his own, right?
        Well my Easter was good, and it sounds like it was really good for you as well. I did get the package Mom, it was really nice. I really enjoyed everything in there. I will have to share some of the candy with my companion so I don't get too fat. My companion is pretty relaxed, but that is because he is kind of quiet, but he seems to be opening up quite a bit. I think that the two companions he has had, Elder Cacia and I, are pretty similar, so we have helped him open up. Well I was also able to meet a family who has a son serving in the Kennewick mission. His name is Elder Tuttle, he is a Spanish missionary, so I don’t know if you have meet him before. But if you ever see an Elder Tuttle, know that his family is taking good care of me here in Castledale and that if you could return the favor up there in Washington. Well I am grateful for your love and for everything that you have done to support me. I will continue to "endure to the end" Mom, don’t worry about that. I love my mission and I know that the Lord has things in store for me in my last 5 months! Have a great week!
     Live it, Love it, Preach it!      con amor,    ELDER D

 P.S. Sorry that there are no pictures. I am still working on that. I have pictures to send, but the computers here won’t let me access the other drives on the computer, so I will see what I can do here in the coming weeks! Sorry!

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