Thursday, February 2, 2012

English or Spanish? How do I do BOTH?

Buenos dias a todos!      January 30, 2012
It is that time of the week again! Wow, the time just keeps flying by! This week was pretty frustrating. We had struggles up and down every day. We were not anywhere near our goals for the whole week, until Saturday.  I think that I looked at our struggles in the wrong way for most of the week. I was wondering why we were struggling and everyone was been so sketchy, but I finally learned that it was to test us. Through trials and tribulations we are able to learn and grown. That is exactly what I was able to do this week.
       Well last week we had a mini blizzard. I went into our house on Monday to get ready to go back out and work, and not even an hour later we had 3 inches of snow covering everything. So that was a pretty interesting challenge to deal with during that night. The weird thing is that the next day it was cold, but sunny, so most of the snow melted away within two days. This week we have been having really nice days in the upper 30s to mid 40s. Today I am not even wearing long sleeves or a sweater because it is so nice outside. 
        We had some chances to go on exchanges this week, and as always, they were pretty interesting. One was with Elder Carlisle who is from Georgia.  He has only been in the mission for a month and is having some struggles with his companion, who is about to go home. I was able to help him understand a bunch of things and how he can help his companionship.  I also went on another exchange with Elder Smithpeter. He is here serving on the campus of Southern Utah University. The cool thing is that Elder Smithpeter is from Washington as well. He lives just outside of Spokane, so not too far from the Tri-Cities. It was pretty tough for me to try and speak and teach in English the whole time. I can still speak English pretty good, when the conversation is basic, but as soon as it gets more complex or it gets into a gospel conversation, I am completely lost. I didn’t realize how bad my English had gotten in just 4 short months. Well if it wasn’t bad enough to lose my English, I guess I am getting an accent. I was talking with our landlord this morning, Bro. Westfall, and he was like, "Wow Elder Davis, has anyone ever told you that you have a Spanish accent?" So I guess my Spanish really is taking over my English! Is it bad if I use my Spanish-English dictionary to look up English words?
       Every week for the past month or so I have been talking about boldness or being more bold. This week isn’t any different.  I was able to learn once again how important it is to be bold. I feel it is one way to find out who the "elect" are for us to teach. We have changed our way of door approaches or contacts in the street; we are just completely bold with everyone from the get go. We let them know that our purpose as missionaries is to help them repent of their sins and to be baptized. I really feel that it is something that may come off as pushy or whatever, but I don’t want to have the condemnation on my head in the last days of someone saying that I didn’t present the message in a clear and simple way or that they didn’t have the opportunity to listen and learn. I have finally and completely learned that I am not here for my personal benefit, but that I am here to bring souls unto Christ and so that these souls can know what they need to do to find "peace in this life and eternal salvation in the life to come."(Book of Mormon Introduction.)
       Earlier I referred to Saturday. Saturday completely changed our whole week around. We had been struggling with lessons and consistency with our investigators, but Saturday just gave us so many amazing opportunities. We made a commitment to talk to anyone that came into our path and that is exactly what we did! We had 13 lessons in one day! There are some areas in our mission that don’t even teach that in a week. We know that it was not by our own power, but it was by the help of the Lord of the vineyard. We were just the instruments that the Lord used to bring about a greater work. We are so committed to making everyday into a day like Saturday.   We are looking towards a really big February not only in our own area, but in the zone here as well!
        NEWS FROM HOME – we mentioned that we met an Elder Powell from Cedar City, Utah serving here in the Kennewick Washington Mission, his dad is a stake president.  That is pretty cool that you were able to meet a missionary from Cedar. I know that there is about 7 Stakes here in Cedar City, but I have heard the name before, but don’t know exactly who he is.  If I ever meet his dad, I will be sure to let him know. I have been still hearing from Elder Scrimsher every now and then. I emailed him last week and I got a reply this week.  (He is serving in Panama.)  Update on Chad’s niece and nephew, who live with us – ages 3 and 5 - Well it sure sounds like the kids are growing up so fast! I don’t even know if I will be able to talk with them, because their English will be better then mine. They are going to be so different from when I left, that is for sure.  (I asked if he had any needs – being the humble missionary, he said he was doing fine!)  Well as for needs right now I am good. I don’t really have any.  My shoes are still good, and I don’t think I will need any new ones before I come home. They can last 7 more months, even if I have to duct tape them. J Well thank you for everything once again! I hope that you all stay safe with all the crazy weather up there!

Live it, Love it, Preach it!   con amor,    ELDER D 

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