Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Blessings of Hard Work, Being Led By the Spirit

Buenas tardes a todos!           17 January 2012
           Well this is coming a little late, but it will still be the same meaning. I am impressed with everything that has been happening lately. Last week I talked about a lot of potential that we had, but now it is more than just potential. I have been once again reminded how much the Spirit really helps me as a missionary. My Spanish is pretty good and I don't really doubt it too much anymore, but I still don't speak as fast as the natives do. But when I am in a lesson and the Spirit is there, my Spanish just becomes so much faster and more fluent. It is weird because I will just go on these huge rants, and then afterwards I will just sit back and be like "wow, that was totally by the Spirit!"   J          We had our monthly trip to St. George for Zone Leader Council. It was weird to be there without Elder Castro. It was  good to see other missionaries and talk about the goals and plans for the mission. The biggest thing that hit me was that I was the second oldest missionary in that meeting. There was only one other missionary that has been out longer then I have been. My mission is really just passing by way too quickly.
          This week we definitely had some trials of our faith, but the Lord blessed with enough to keep us going. We would be having just a terrible day with no lessons and no positive things, and then we would find a new person to teach or we would be blessed with a miracle in the zone. The biggest thing was that we found a super amazing family to teach this week. We were going through the records of all the people that were taught before by other missionaries, and we came across this name and felt we needed to visit them. We are really happy that we did! On our first visit, we talked with a lady named Selene. She said we could come back on Saturday and talk to her and her mother. Well Saturday rolls around and we have an amazing lesson with Selene and her mother, Alma. The Spirit was there the whole time, and as we taught we were fighting back tears. Then we came to the Joseph Smith story and the First Vision. Well there were tears shed in this moment, but they were by Selene and Alma. We then invited them both to be baptized and they both accepted. Craziest part was that the next day was Sunday and they both showed up to Church. They are progressing very rapidly. We another lesson today with Selene. She has an extreme desire to help her family become more united in the Gospel. We are going to start teaching her daughter tomorrow, and her boyfriend/husband this weekend. The Lord has truly helped us to find this amazing family and be able to help them come unto the truth that the Lord has restored to the earth.
          Another miracle this week was our number of investigators that came to church. Before this area I have never had more than 5 in one week at church. This weekend we had a grand total of 9! There is still more that are supposed to come this next week as well. We have been working extremely hard lately, and I feel that we have been given these blessings and miracles because of our hard work.
          One thing I have really been starting to notice is the way I am starting to see others. Before in my mission, I just saw people as someone I could teach or someone who could come to church, or get baptized. Now, my mindset is changing a lot. I am trying to think about people as Heavenly Father would. So when I meet new people, I can seem them getting baptized or even farther ahead than that, having callings in the church or going to the temple. I am seeing people in this way, and it is amazing to be able to feel such love for them from the first time that I meet them. I am starting to really grow in charity for the people here in Cedar City and in southern Utah.
          I won't make you wait until next week to let you know about the baptism that we had last night. The baptism was for Kathy. It was amazing how determined she was to be baptized, she wouldn't let anything stand in front of her and her baptism, and that became a reality last night. It was such an overwhelming feeling to see someone that I had taught, take another step closer to gaining eternal life! That feeling is one of a kind, and it can't really be described. Someone needs to be able to feel it for themselves to truly understand what a great feeling it is to see someone enter into the waters of baptism and make that sacred covenant with our Father in Heaven.  I am loving this work and it is the greatest thing I have ever done! I couldn't picture what better thing I could be doing at this point in my life. "This is God's work, and God's work will not be frustrated." -Elder M. Russell Ballard.
          NEWS FROM HOME: That is pretty cool about the missionary moments for the ward. I hope that there is only good things being said about me. (The mom had the opportunity to give an update on Chad's Mission in Church. Of course only GOOD THINGS were said!)   I am grateful for everything and the support that I am getting for all of you! Remember that you are important in the eyes of God.

Live it, Love it, Preach it!    con muchismo amor,     ELDER D

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