Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy November!

Hola mis queridos padres y amigos!!       7 Nov 2011 

     This week was a little bit different. It wasn’t the greatest week, but there was definitely a lot of good things that happened.  I think it may have been a little different because we had a slow start to our week because of Halloween. Since there are so many people dressed up in costumes and all of that, we were not permitted to leave our apartments. So we had a very long three hours of nothing just sitting at home in our apartment. Not a fun night. No mischief or anything!
Well the weather here has been pretty crazy. It has been back and forth with rain and snow the whole week. It will get cold and snow in the evening, and then the next day it will warm up and melt it all. But we had a big storm on Friday and it calmed down on Saturday, but it came back last night and hasn’t stopped snowing since. It is crazy because if it was snowing like this up in Washington, everyone would probably be hoping for a snow day. Here, everyone didn’t even blink an eye for that. There is still school and everything is still in full swing here in Cedar City.
This week I experienced my first Zone Leader Council, aka, ZLC. It was a different kind of meeting that is for sure. I saw a whole different side of the leadership and what was discussed. I still think that my love for President Leonard grows every time I am around him. It was a cool thing to escape the cold weather of Cedar and head down to sunny St. George for the day.
I have just a few little experiences to share with all of you this week. One is from our investigator named Cris. He has been learning about the Church for quite awhile now, but he hasn’t really been focused until now. Before, he was basically having the missionaries over to be nice. That has completely changed now. He came to church this last week and then from then on it has been a new attitude. We gave him a "Gospel Principles" manual at church and when we came back on Wednesday, he had been reading it and had a ton of questions. He is now learning at such an immense rate. I have never had some so intrigued to learn and to grow. We are now just trying to work out all the little details for his baptism.
I also went on exchanges with Elder Cancel this week. I stayed in my usual area, but Elder Cancel doesn’t speak Spanish, so I was basically by myself for the night. It wasn’t bad, but I just really had to rely on the Spirit and trust in the Spanish that I have and know. I feel that my Spanish really took a blow from when I was in Price and never used it. It is definitely starting to come back and that will continue to happen. I just want to keep it when I go home too. That is going to be the biggest struggle.
NEWS FROM HOME:  I am glad to hear that the bathroom is basically all put back together. It will be exciting to see that all changed. I guess that is just what happens when you leave for such a long time. I will come back to not even understanding how to get back to my own house because of all the road changes, I will not even know my own bathroom, and even my mom will be different. That is going to be interesting to see and experience. Mom, I am glad that you are feeling happier with the job and the health. Both seem very exciting for you and it makes me happy to know that you are happy!
Well I am pretty good on clothes and everything. I am going to buy some smaller gloves then the ones I have, and I don’t think I will need any more sweaters. For the most part, we just put on our jackets and use those. But I am glad to know that you are still concerned for my well being. Oh and that is crazy to think that Bro. DeMille just has family almost everywhere I serve. We will see if I will be able to meet any of his family. I am so grateful to all of your support!

Live it, Love it, Preach it!  les amo!   ELDER D

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