Sunday, March 27, 2011

A week late, sorry Blog Readers....from March 21

Blog Readers:  We have had sickness in our home and life has been crazy.  I am just now posting Chad's letter from last week.  Sorry!  The Mom. 
Hola Padres!                   21 March 2011  

It was really good to get an email from both of you this week, but I am afraid that my email time is going to be a little different here in this area. We have to email at a library and it actually gives you a time limit to email, so it’s like the MTC all over again, but I will make it work.
This week was by far the craziest week of my mission! I will make sure to answer all you questions about my new area and new companion. This week was so full of stuff, that I really didn’t even have time to do much thinking, I just went and did what was needed to be done. The area is basically the whole downtown area of St. George, the older part of town. My apartment is like two blocks away from the Temple. But our area just got made even bigger this week. Before it was just two stakes that were separated by one in the middle, and some Sisters covered the one in the middle. l President took out the Sisters and gave that stake to us as well. So we cover three stakes all in the downtown area of St. George. The area is so full of work, we barely have enough time in the days to get it all down. We are also so busy teaching lessons, that is hard to find new people to teach. (If all Missionaries could have this problem!!)
The one thing that makes this area extremely hard, is that it is all either on foot or bike. The area is so big, that we are constantly riding our bikes back and forth across St. George. By week three of being here, I am either going to be in extremely good shape, or I am going to die. I guess we will see what happens. I definitely took a car for granted before, but now that I am humble, maybe we will get one again. I guess I can always pray for that miracle! So because of all the work and bike riding, I am just physically and spiritually gassed by the end of the night. When we get home all I want to do is just go to sleep. And then I do and then the loud beeping of an alarm clock makes me wish I was dead, instead of dragging my already exhausted body off of the top bunk.
On to the new companion. His name is Elder Juan Bravo. He is from the little tiny town of Chicago, Illinois. He was actually born in Mexico, but grew up in Chicago. He is my third native Spanish speaking companion, so that has been helping a ton. He has been out for a really long time, so long in fact, that he is going home in 5 weeks! He is a really good teacher and a really funny guy. Our personalities blend really well, and a lot of people are already starting to pick up on that.
Probably my favorite part about this area, is that I speak Spanish for almost the whole day. We are always talking to someone, and my mind is really starting to think in Spanish a lot better. That is what happens when you are surrounded by it as well. Elder Bravo also helps me speak Spanish a lot more then any other companion I have had too. There is also a lot more Spanish speaking missionaries around here that I get to associate with as well. Because I have been in with all this Spanish lately, my mind is having trouble switching back and forth from Spanish to English. That is a good thing; I am finally starting to get more comfortable and confident with my Spanish skills.
The members here are great, I have been told that the Branch that I serve in is the best Spanish Branch is St. George. I definitely figured that out yesterday. Everyone made me feel like that they were happy that I was there and that they were ready to help us out. I have a funny little story: since I am new here everyone always asks the question, "Where are you from?" So just to spice it up and not say Washington every time, I started to tell a bunch of people that I was from Chihuahua, Mexico. The crazy thing is that a lot of people believe me! (Especially since there are all the "Mormon Colonies" down there!) It is easier to keep it going with younger people, and people on the street, but when it comes to older people that I will be seeing a bunch, it gets a whole lot harder. When people actually find out that I was just messing around they just laugh and have a good time with it. J I think I am truly becoming a "Mexican". People are telling me that I will be by the time I get done living in that culture for 2 whole years.
Yesterday I met someone that lived in the city of Pasco. I knew it was bound to happen, but I didn’t know when it would happen, but it did. He said that he worked in the orchards up there, but moved down to California to get a different job. We were able to talk about the Tri-Cities and everything up there.
I am completely engaged is this work now, I am finding the true meaning of service. This is what I am supposed to be doing, and that my attitude is the thing that is going to make my mission what I want it to be. I just need to set my mind to this work and all the rest will flow.
Now to answer something from your emails. So Chay Chay got sick? I am really sorry to hear that! I am glad to hear that she is doing better and seems to recovering. (Two year old Chaylyn was taken to the hospital twice in 5 days because of flu and throwing up.  She is better now!)  I also want to tell Dad that the kids are right, Momo is the BOSS! I don’t know how you could have thought otherwise. They may be only 4 and 2 but they aren’t dumb, they know what’s going on. (At the dinner table one evening, Darin said he was the boss, the dad.  Grandson Bryson said he was the boss and Chay joined in that she was the boss.  Darin asked who really was the boss, and Bryson and Chay said Momo – The Mom!) 
Well this is going to be a good area for me, and I am going to grow a lot. I am hoping that all is well for everyone there at home, all the family and friends there. Make each day better then the last!Live it, Love it, Preach it!       Con amor de tu hijo amado,       ELDER D


Whitney said...

As much as our family misses him,i'm so glad to see he is doing so GREAT in Morningside!! :)

Elder Davis said...

Whitney -- Thank YOU and your FAMILY for all the care given to our "Chadboy" -- I know he is appreciative and so are we!! With love, Mom and Dad Davis :D